Spotted Eagle Owl

A pair of Spotted Eagle Owls in our Chimney

Spotted Eagle Owl
The female Spotted Eagle Owl watching me from the chimney
Spotted Eagle Owl
The chimney they have chosen as their “home”

A pair of  Spotted Eagle Owls have made our chimney their home. The Spotted Eagle Owl is actually the commonest large owl in Southern Africa, occurring in a variety of habitats from woodlands to forest patches.

During the day the two of them will hide in the chimney, only peeking out now and again.  It looks like they have each chosen a “side” to guard and I had to walk around the house to get a look at the male Spotted Eagle Owl from the other side of the chimney.

Spotted Eagle Owl
Peeking around the corner at me
Spotted Eagle Owl
She never took het eyes of me

Most afternoons though you can spot them as they sit on the edge of the chimney before they take off to perch in one of their favourite tees before hunting at dusk.

Spotted Eagle Owl
This is the male Spotted Eagle Owl’s side of the chimney
Spotted Eagle Owl
The male Spotted Eagle Owl and if you look carefully you can spot the female behind him

These owls hunt a variety of prey from beetles and large crickets to small mammals such as bats and mice.

Spotted Eagle Owl
Keeping guard….

After sunset you can hear their distinctive call as these two Spotted Eagle Owls call to each other from across the garden. We are hoping that they will nest in one of the nest boxes we have placed in some of the trees as they breed mainly from August to October.

Spotted Eagle Owl
Getting ready for Dusk……


  1. Lovely photos Janaline, how lovely to have such magnificent creatures around you. It’s to be hoped they move out before you need to use that chimney!
    Jude xx


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