A dream come true!

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A dream come true!
A dream come true!


  1. Hi,
    Sorry to use these comments to contact you.
    I’ve recently moved to a new site but with the same domain.
    Unfortunately as a result of the move, I’ve had some technical difficulties. My new site doesn’t send notifications to my followers on my blogs.
    I would love for us to continue as we did before my tech hiccup as I enjoyed our interactions.
    Can I ask that you check my page and turn on notifications again for my new blog.
    I appreciate your help in making my blog grow and I thank you for taking the time to read this.



  2. Hi Janaline,

    We happened to stumbled on your blog and wanted to see if you are interested in sharing your life journey with us–either you can submit your own writing, or we can write up your story for you. If you would like anymore information, please feel free to email us at hello@blueloopllc.com.


  3. Your blog looks absolutely amazing, and it is really what i aspire mine to end up like some day. I am looking forward to reading my way through your time in China as i am living there at the moment. Love the photos and love the whole layout of your blog!


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