Ocean in the Sky

Ocean in the Sky

The main part of the immersive digital art space, Ocean by NAKED was an imaginary ocean world 423 meters above the sky. It felt like I was walking among the dolphins in the Pacific Ocean as I wandered through the incredible light aquarium.

There were over 100 different species of sea creatures to see and interact with inside this light-projection underwater world. It was amazing to walk through this fantastical world where each step in the โ€œShoal of Shadows,โ€ caused schools of sardines to swim and play on the walls. I marvelled at the city scape of Shanghai and as the water got deeper and deeper, it revealed what wonders lay on the ocean floor. I found myself walking slowly through this magical world as the shadow projector turned my shadow into a fish head and followed my movements.

The walls and floors were illuminated with living organisms everywhere I looked and I spent a while just lying on a beanbag enjoying this amazing light show that started every five minutes. ย I lay there following a whale and other marine animals as they swim through this fantasy show among the tops of the buildings of the city of Shanghai.


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