The famous Shanghai – Pudong skyline

The famous Shanghai – Pudong skyline

The famous Shanghai - Pudong skyline
The Worlds famous Shanghai – Pudong skyline

Shanghai stands out in many ways, but one thing that defines this city internationally is the visual  treat that is viewed from the famous tourist spot which is The Bund — the Pudong skyline. A walk along the Bund during the day and also at night is a huge visual treat. Just try and avoid it during national holidays as it gets extremely crowded. This skyline is a modern, well-presented vision of skyscrapers that are so high that on a cloudy day, it would remind you of a  scene from Batman.

If you don’t mind the heat, exploring the Bund during the summer provides clear skies and not too many people to push through as most people are hiding indoors with the ac on full blast. Shanghai’s skyline is home to the tallest buildings in Shanghai, such as Shanghai Tower, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the Jinmao Tower,  and Shanghai World Financial Center.


  1. When I first went there and took a trip on a ship down the river and there were no houses then. I took a photo of a peasant with a water buffalo there at Pudong 🙂 Seems I am pretty old 🙂


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