10 Things my first months of Living in China has Taught me

Chinese Flower tea combinations you have to try!

Chinese flower tea is a combination of a health and a warm caring drink, which is made through picking and drying of flower buds, or petals along with a combination of other dried fruits or herbs. I have embraces drinking Chinese flower tea and love trying out different combinations that are known to have different health benefits. My favourite thing at the moment is exploring the huge tea warehouses or tea shops at the markets to see what new ingredients I can purchase and try out. A lot of the herbs have healthcare functions or curing effect for some physical ailments.

There are countless different types of Chinese tea that can be drunk on their own or in different combinations, and here are some suggestions of flower combinations for you to try out.

1. Jujube (red dates) Tea is used to enrich blood, maintain beauty and to erase wrinkles. Thus, it is especially popular among females or people who have undergone surgery. Combinations: chrysanthemum, wolfberry, hawthorn, ginger, rose, or lotus seed. I have tried it with most of the flowers and they all tasted good.

Chinese Flower tea combinations you have to try
Dried Jujube! Tastes fabulous in teas

Β 2. Chrysanthemum Tea is used to diminish inflammation and helps relieve eye fatigue so is favored by office workers who frequently use computers. There are many kinds of chrysanthemum tea: white or yellow, big or small, full blossomed flowers or flower buds. I personally prefer the small flowers as they have a softer taste. Combinations: wolfberry, jujube, hawthorns, honeysuckle, hawthorn rock candy, honey and licorice.

Chinese Flower tea combinations you have to try
Chrysanthemum and Rose Tea

3. Rose Tea contains several kinds of Vitamins, Vitamin C in particular, which is helpful in resisting aging. Rose tea can also invigorate the circulation of blood, cure bruises, diminish inflammation, soothe a sore throat and facilitates the metabolism. Combinations: wolfberry, jujube or rock candy.

 4. Jasmine Flower Tea can comfort stomach and liver, smooth intestinal tract, ease your nervous and adjust the secretion of hormone. It is famous for its fresh and long-lasting fragrance, mellow taste. Combinations: rose, lavender and chrysanthemum, although it is very tasty on its own.

10 Things my first months of Living in China has Taught me
Chinese Jasmine tea!

5. Osmanthus Tea has a lovely fragrance and tastes as good as it smells. It is used to remove toxicants inside your body and to clear the mind. Combinations: hawthorn, chrysanthemum, rose.

What are your favourite flower tea combinations?


  1. I love a good cup of tea … think that Jasmine flower tea must be nice. I remember that I’ve once bought some Chinese tea at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town (long time ago) and that was really nice … should maybe visit them to have a look if it’s still there 🌸


  2. Hi Janaline πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ You sent me a pingback to your recent cherry blossoms walk but I get the infamous ‘this page does not exist’ when I open it. I’ve tried trawling around your site but end up on the old blog every time. Can you send me a link in the comments, please? 😦

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    • Thank you so much. Yes, I will be reposting it on my original blog and will then link it back to you again… Moving all my stuff to this world journey blog again (will slowly be removing some old posts and just revamping this site a bit but decided to keep everything together in one blog. I know it will be a bit confusing for a while… Sorry about that. 🌸

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