Winter Cycling through the streets of Shanghai

Winter Cycling through the streets of Shanghai

It’s easy to love sunshine, but I do love rainy winters days when I can curl up with a hot chocolate and good book. But this year it was hard to feel happy when while it was grey and wet outside and I was in lockdown. Full lockdown in Shanghai lasted 2 weeks and then we had semi-lockdown from mid-February for most of the winter here in China. As soon as lockdown was eased a bit I just had to go out and enjoy the outside even though it was a cold and rainy winter.

Cycling through winter can seem like a daunting idea, even for those who have been cooped up inside for weeks, but it was one of the best decisions I have made. With crisp morning air, the scrunch of leaves beneath tyres and lure of a steaming coffee post-ride, it’s well worth bracing the elements. As a wise cyclist once said, there’s no bad weather for cycling, just the wrong clothing. I wrapped up warm and went cycling through the deserted streets of shanghai each day for a couple of hours.

Winter is also a very special time to go cycling as the lack of foliage opens up the skyline in a way it doesn’t the rest of the year. Familiar views look even more spectacular when framed in a different way and you can spot things you may never have noticed before, such as a statue that’s normally hidden behind a line of trees or an interesting city skyline that’s suddenly revealed. I got to see the city in a different light and fell in love with cycling. It is something I have continued doing and it is a great way to explore this fabulous city.

What is your favourite time of the year to cycle?


  1. Wow! In spite of all the news we see about China these days, it is so nice to be reminded of the beauty of their architecture, and look back at the footprint of yesterday’s culture.

    Great post, Janaline –thanks for sharing!

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