St George's Cathedral

Cape Town’s St George’s Cathedral

St George's Cathedral
A glimpse of St George’s Cathedral

The beautiful St George’s Cathedral is situated right at the entrance to the Company’s gardens right in the heart of Cape Town. This Cathedral is also the starting point for the Cape Town walking tour. As I arrived early for the tour I got to have a look around the Cathedral.

St George's Cathedral
They are still working on parts of the Cathedral

The building of the cathedral started in 1901 to replacing a church built in 1834 and is actually still incomplete.

St George's Cathedral
Entering the beautiful Cathedral

Known as ‘the people’s Cathedral’ for its role in the resistance against apartheid, St. George’s Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in Southern Africa and the mother church of the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town. It earned its nickname when it welcomed all races during the apartheid era, despite segregation laws.

The cathedral showcases Victorian-era design, with beautiful stained glass windows.

St George's Cathedral
One of the many beautiful stained glass windows in the Cathedral

The church lost its cross-ways design, when it was enlarged to form a rectangular structure that could accommodate more worshipers.

St George's Cathedral
St George’s Cathedral

On 13 September 1989 a march led by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and leaders from all sectors, began from this Cathedral which united more than 30 000 citizens of Cape Town in a demonstration of their commitment to peace and justice for all. They walked from here to the City Hall in a common spirit of hope and determination for the future.


  1. Nice to see inside this building as I have never visited it. Hate the rows of chairs though. Give me pews any time! At least these are wooden – I have seen plastic ones in some churches here which are terrible!


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