Taste of Thailand

While in Thailand be sure to visit some of the local markets and food stalls. Street food in Thailand is not only convenient, and cheap but also delicious and it’s one of the best ways to get in touch with the local culture.

The colours and smells of the different dishes can be a little intimidating, but also end up being quite enticing. I am sure that you will soon be inquisitive enough to try one of these Thai delicacies.

Wherever you go in the city, food stalls are plentiful and you will find a high concentration of them in busy areas. Often specialising in particular types of dishes, you should be able to work out the type of food a stall is selling by observing the ingredients and the way they’re being prepared. And if you are not brave enough to try something strange, there is always delicious fresh fruit available from one of the stalls.

Whatever your preference, you are sure to find something to tantalize your taste buds as Thailand is a food lovers paradise.


  1. Great post and agree with you. Thailand has one of the best street food. One can walk into any restaurant on the street and expect mouth-watering dishes. Just made one post today on Thailand check if you have time.

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  2. And why are you trying to sell me and everyone else on eating Thai street food. Sounds very strange. If you like it, then say you like it and tell us why you like it! I don’t think I would take you advice on anything, given that you ignore food safety and apparently just stick anything in your mouth and eat it.

    Thailand has some great luxury restaurants that have good food safety records. But street food sucks and everyone know it. Reputable inspectors have found that 100% of all meat sold on the street is not fit for human consumption.

    There are also innumerable other risks to eating street food.

    Apparently, you don’t know that or don’t care! Maybe your just cheap and like the food because it’s low cost. But, you certainly don’t give one good reason anyone should risk their life and eat the crap.

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    • I have nothing against restaurants and try local restaurants where ever I get the chance. But you can not just ignore the fact that street food is part of a country’s culture. Each country does street food in a different way. In new York it is pretsels and hotdogs, in Vietnam its delicious coffee and pho, in London it is roasted chestnuts and bagels.
      If you aproach street food with an open mind, you get to learn something about the culture of that country and you might be surprised at how delicious some of the things are.

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      • Don’t be too down about that over critical comment. You carry on writing what you feel. The photos alone tell a true story of what life is like for those who cannot afford to eat from restaurants. My trip to Mexico taught me much about life and the people who don’t have all that we take for granted.


    • We should definitely be aware of food safety, and I am sure that you will not end up buying something to eat from a food stall that looks dirty or who doesn’t serve their food in a clean way. Don’t be scared to try street food, just be a bit careful when making a choice.


  3. I agree with what you said about the food in Thailand. Not only is it cheap, but it also tastes so good! My only bad experience having Thai food was on my first trip to Bangkok seven years ago. I went to KFC (I wasn’t as adventurous when it comes to food back then) and tried the local menu. All I got was this unpalatable chicken with some herbs. I wonder though if I try the same dish today whether I will have a different thought.

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