Reason #1 To be Vegetarian in China.

Reason #1 To be Vegetarian in China.

Reason #1 To be Vegetarian in China.
Drying chickens with the laundry on a sidewalk next to a busy street…..only in China!

I have stopped eating red meat ages ago as I never really liked the taste. But I still love eating fish, chicken and yes, duck meat every now and again. But since I have moved to China I have started to worry about eating duck or chicken as I have come across so many unsanitary conditions where meat is either held or sold. In China it is quite common to come across meat hanging out in the open.

I have come across raw meat hanging on a washing line, the duck carcasses dangling as birds gathered in the trees above. In a separate incident, I came across a duck left out hanging in the open where flies and all kinds of bugs could get to it. As I walked further it seemed like the normal thing to do here in Shanghai is to hang and dry your meat in your window, exposed to all the elements. Flies can often be seen landing on the meat, some even hanging close to flocks of birds jostling in the trees above, the whole set up is just unsanitary.’I’ve never seen anything like it in my life, except for here in Asia. It is enough to put me off eating meat.

Would you eat meat that was left hanging out in the open like this?


  1. One of my friends was an F & B manager in a hotel in Beijing and would never even eat in her own hotel! We all have different standards of hygiene and some cultures have an inbuilt resistance to germs that would floor us. You are right to leave such foods alone – at least until you return to your own country and face your own native bacteria.

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  2. Wouldn’t want to trample on anyone’s cultural toes, but sadly my most vivid memory of a visit to China as a child many years ago is of the scent of “matured” meat carried into my nostrils by the humid wind… Thank goodness for McDonalds fries, otherwise I would’ve died of starvation on that trip.

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