Dublin Icon Walk

Dublin Icon Walk

A small lane way that I randomly spotted on a walk through the city of Dublin ended up being one of my favourite parts of Dublin. This unexpected colourful lane is known as the Dublin Icon Walk. Located in the alleyways of the Temple Bar area, these informative panels and the beautiful art work illustrate iconic characters throughout Irish history. There is a street dedicated to Women Writers, another to Irish Movie Actors and even one or two Oddballs, Crackpots and Assorted Geniuses.

It’s a hugely informative wander through the people that have left a significant impact in Irish arts and culture. The Icon Walk Dublin is a multi-street public art installation which showcases original artwork by many different local artists of Irish icons from many disciplines including: writers and playwrights, sports icons, musicians, and actors from the performing arts.

While everyone talks about the bars in Temple Bar as a must when visiting Dublin, if you’re in the area and you have only time for one thing, do the Icon Walk instead.


  1. I see people blog about Dublin all the time. How have I never even heard of this? Thanks for the tip! I’ll be adding it to my list for whenever I visit.

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