Created an art studio at home

Janaline created an art studio at home

”  Being an artist is simply someone who likes to create.” By that definition I am definitely an artist. As long as I can create things, paint, do ceramics, or even take photos, I am ecstatic!

If popular opinion is anything to go by, the creative sector is a huge gamble, braved only by reckless, or masochistic, individuals. A challenge has never scared me or stopped me from doing anything so it is with an open mind that I step into the art world.

The main reason I bought a two bedroom place was to transform the one bedroom into an art studio for me. Create a space where I would want to make art and be creative.  a part of your life and your self-care practice, you can find a space for it. 

The main reason I wanted my studio in my home is so that I would have the freedom of just being able to walk into the next room in my pajamas at whatever time of day or night – and do so art.

My first purchase was a table for my studio! A very sturdy table on which I would be able to work with clay without it moving. I admit the table I bought is a bit big. Even the delivery guys had trouble getting it into my little flat and broke the neighbours window in the process. I got to meet my neighbours that evening and apologise for the broken window. Probably not the best way to meet your new neighbours.

I like things to be neat and tidy and after making a couple of pottery bowls, which had to stand around on the ground I went and invested in some shelves. A friend also supplied me with some metal shelves that I cut to fit onto my huge table and it is here that I now store my paint.

I have an old singer table from my grandmother, which I painted an old white. This is the table I use as my work station while teaching English and is also in my studio. I have painted one wall with chalkboard paint and it is here that I do my planning for my ceramic bowls.

I have tried not to eat or drink in my studio, but have been guilty of breaking my own rules by drinking water or tea in my studio. And I have decided that eating popcorn while painting does not count as eating, as popcorn does nor count as food.

As I work from home, I am trying to create a separate “work” and “living” space in my flat otherwise it sometimes feels like I never leave work. I now also have a rule that I am not allowed to spend the whole day in my studio, I have to go outside at least once!

If I don’t take care I might just turn into a hermit….


  1. Thanks for checking out my blog today. It was great to have a look inside your art studio. I think its brilliant that you have converted your second room into a space reserved for creativity. Enjoy!!

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  2. I love this, Janaline. I used to have a second bedroom which I used as a studio, but ill health forced a move to a small, one-bedroom flat, although I am blessed to have a private garden. I long to be able to have a studio again. Your article has inspired me to do something about it. Bless you. Love and Peace wished for you in the coming year. ♥♥♥

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  3. Hello Janaline!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your positive comments. I love the studio space you’ve created, and I really admire your beautiful pottery pieces! Your work is very unique. I’m feeling inspired 😊

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  4. I loved it! Am a big fan of chalk-board. Had a hard time convincing my husband to use a wall in my son’s bedroom. Finally , I got one corner , and it’s so popular with all of my son’s friends! Looking at your’s , I wanna have a whole wall in my bedroom now- chalkpainted!

    The bowl looks wonderful and so those the small hallway. .My husband’s photo’s are hung over our sofa in that way.

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      • The one I have in son’s bedroom actually has a green tint. But I would prefer black. It always remind me of original chalk-board in my school.
        Though am not good with drawing ..I might have to beg husband to draw. But I love to read .. so I can put my favorite quotes , lines , title or even my very own grocery list 😀

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