Kirstenbosch, the most beautiful garden in Africa

Kirstenbosch, the most beautiful garden in Africa

If you love gardens then Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden should be top of your list of gardens to visit in Africa. It has a reputation as the most beautiful garden in Africa and one of the great botanic gardens of the world. But I imagine that few gardens can match the sheer grandeur of the setting of Kirstenbosch set against the eastern slopes of Cape Town’s Table Mountain.

I have visited this beautiful garden a couple of times now and each time I am amazed by the wide variety of the unique plant life of the Cape Flora, known as fynbos. Spring and summer is definitely my favourite time here as a lot of the fynbos is in bloom and the garden is filled with bright colours.

Which gardens do you love exploring?


  1. One of the first places in Cape Town that I fell in love with (that and the Company’s Gardens in the city). Always visit on a trip to SA and last time we stayed only a few minutes walk away and every evening went for a stroll in the gardens. It is beautiful and has the added bonus of that spectacular mountain backdrop. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

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  2. Back in the 1960’s, my mom often used to take us there after to school and we used to play around the river of the top parking area which is all fenced off now. Also every term, when we were in junior school, there would be an outing to the classroom, where we would have a lesson and then a practical in the gardens. That old classroom is now used as an exhibition hall. My husband and I went there last month and I did a photo blog.

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