Misty Sea Point (

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Depth of Mist at Dawn

Misty Sea Point (
Driving along with my little red car named Ruby Bug!

Living in Cape Town I am surrounded by some o the most beautiful places in South Africa and slowly I am exploring them and getting to know the area. I live in a small bachelors flat in the heart of the city, the perfect base for weekend adventures along the West Coast. And the perfect excuse to go driving around the area. This weekphoto challenge is depth.….during my misty/ fog filled adventure I never knew what lay around the next corner or what I will encounter once the fog lifts. The depth beyond the mist w\as unthinkable. 

Misty Sea Point (
What a beautiful misty and eerie scenery

I am still getting used to the weather conditions around Cape Town, where one moment the wind will be blowing you away and the next an eerie silence will fall and the mist will take over.

Misty Sea Point (
The winding roads of Cape Town covered in mist

The mist here in Cape Town creeps over the mountain on winter mornings and slowly covers the city, making it look and feel like a ghost town this early in the morning. Not the best conditions to drive these winding paths of Cape Town but luckily there weren’t a lot of cars on the road this early in the morning. I think the people of the area probably know how difficult it is to drive in this thick mist and stay clear of the roads. Next time I will also stay indoors rather than tempting fate by driving along a road I can hardly see.


  1. Where’s this then Janaline? Sea Point to Camps Bay area? Do you know I have little recollection of foggy days, other than watching the clouds and mist come in over the Table Mountain range. Maybe because I always lived to the east of the mountains I didn’t experience as much. (Though I do remember grey, wet days in winter). Lovely photos of a lovely land.


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