Eating Octopus in South Korea

Eating Octopus in South Korea

Although I am not a fan of spicy food I did try al the different dishes and drinks offered in South Korea. The food of a country is a major part of the culture and I enjoyed learning everything I can about the country I live in.

I try and stay away from “western” restaurants when abroad and love trying out all the local hot spots.ย  At my first local Korean bar with some o my co-workers they brought big tea pots filled with rice beer for the table. I am not a big beer drinker but the rice beer had a more pleasing taste that ordinary beer so I had a couple of cups full.

They kept on serving food as long as we kept ordering beer to drink. I don’t know if one of the Korean teachers asked for specific dishes or if it was a set menu but they kept on bringing different dishes and the last dish was a huge live octopus.

I thought they might be asking if we want them to cook this specific octopus and didnt understand why they would bring it to our table on a tray.ย The waiter held onto the live octopus and then commenced to cut it up with scissors on front of us.

I could not believe my eyes and actually shrieked a bit as this was quite gruesome. The tentacles were cut into bite size pieces and kept moving and sucking after it had been cut off. We had to take the tentacle pieces, careful not to let it suck onto your finger and then chew really fast after putting it in your mouth. I was so scared that it would suck onto my tongue or onto my throat as I swallowed that I chewed them to mush before swallowing.ย  It was very chewy andnot very tasty. But eating live octopus is something I just had to experience.

What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?


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