Ho Chi Minh City

The 3 Tastiest Vietnamese Drinks to try

You can’t help but fall in love with the very tasty Vietnamese drinks and here are the top 3 drinks you have to try in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ho Chi Minh City
Having a lovely strong Vietnamese ice coffee!!

1. Vietnam is hot most of the time, well it only cools off a bit during rainy season and only for the hour or two that it’s raining. While living in Ho Chi Minh City I fell in love with Vietnamese ice coffee or “café sau da”, which is very strong coffee with condensed milk and ice. Believe me it is really refreshing in the heat and gives you a kick start to the day.

Ho Chi Minh City
Coffee dripping into the super sweet condensed milk!

2. Another of my favourite road stall drinks is the sugar-cane juice they sell on almost every corner. The sugar cane is freshly pressed through a mangle at the street side stalls and they add either fresh strawberries or lemons for flavour. You are handed the thick syrupy drink in a small plastic bag with a straw in. Don’t look down on this, it is a great drink and hydrates you on a hot summers day.

Ho Chi Minh City
The best way to cool down on a hot Summer day!!

3. Fresh fruit smoothy blends are sold all over the city. You get every kind of fruit and yoghurt blend imaginable in most of the cafes. I miss the abundance of pomegranate they always added to all their fruit smoothies.

Ho Chi Minh City
Love choosing fresh fruit for my smoothie!


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  1. Nuoc Mia (the sugar cane drink) is my favourite! I have been known to have up to 5 of them on particularly hot days if I’m out taking photos. So good and so cheap (even for me on a Vietnamese income)! Too bad you don’t have a pic of it here.


  2. The sugarcane juice and smoothies are available in some towns in India, but Vietnamese drip coffee is one thing I seek out on my travels to South East Asia. I can never have enough of it.


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