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Help Janaline Study Abroad in Canada

Hello everyone, my name is Janaline, and I am an Art Therapy student at Vancouver Art Therapy Institute (VATI), Artist, Dreamer, Creator, Lifelong Learner, Explorer and everything in between while on my life journey.  I am a ceramic artist, art journaler (https://www.instagram.com/janalinesworldjourney/), travel blogger and an English Language teacher for the past fifteen years in different countries all over the world. Blending my passion for dealing with people and my love of art by becoming an Art Therapist has been a long-held dream of mine.

I admit that opting to return to university at the age of 42 and to start an entirely new career has been a leap of faith, and to top it off, moving to an unfamiliar city and country where I know no one was frightening.

I worked as a teacher in China for 3 years to save money for my Art Therapy studies in Canada. After more than two years of not seeing family or friends due to Covid, I realized I needed to leave China for my mental health. Regrettably, when I left China in 2021, I was unable to return to China and the employment market was saturated with thousands of unemployed teachers at that time. I was lucky enough to continue doing some online teaching for the next year while I stayed with family in South Africa. That year 2021 /2022 I created a series of ceramic pieces which I sold during an open studio event and to local galleries in South Africa. Saving each penny I could, and putting it into my study fund.

Why Nature is Good for the Soul
Me among the blossoms

I moved to Canada by myself in September 2022, and it has been a wonderful trip so far, allowing me to learn and grow as a person. I am enjoying my studies and have placement work as an Art Therapist at an elementary school, and I can see that I am making a difference. I became involved in the community here in Vancouver by volunteering at Trout Lake Community Center, and I am now on their arts and social committee.

After selling my car, which I still had in South Africa, I believed I had enough savings to cover all of my education and living expenses, especially if I did part-time work in Canada. I am now working as an English exam tutor, a substitute teacher at a language school, and do paraphrasing for an English Language Company. Sadly, Canada is quite expensive, and I was recently notified that my major exam tutoring employment is seasonal and will not resume until June. This made me realize I won’t be able to cover all of my tuition expenses this year without help.

Greenwich Meridian Line
Me with London behind me!

I established this fund to assist with tuition and other educational expenses. At the moment I am able to cover my living expenses and some of my tuition with my work and the savings I have left. The funds contributed will not only help me to continue on my journey but will also allow me to begin a new life and dream job as an Art Therapist. All contributions will go towards my tuition which is $19 000 CAD (Of which I have already paid $7500 and will be able to cover the next payment of $1500)

I am a very independent person and have always paid my own way, but encouraged by a very good friend I decided to put my pride aside and ask for help. Because without help I will not be able to do this. I understand how much everyone is going through right now, and would appreciate any contribution, no matter how small since EVERYTHING HELPS! Thank you for your kindness and support.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read my story.

my gofundme link: https://gofund.me/6dc43554

Janaline's Art
A couple of different bowls I made

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