The famous Temple bar district of Dublin

the Merchants Arch has been in existence since 1821.

No visit to Dublin would be complete without a walk through the famous temple bar district. Temple Bar is a busy riverside neighbourhood located beside the Liffey, spread over cobbled pedestrian lanes.

Approaching the district we crossed the Liffey on the Ha’penny Bridge to reach the Merchant’s Arch through which walk right into this riverside neighbourhood. The Ha’Penny Bridge is Dublin’s oldest pedestrian crossing over the river Liffey

As we walked through the cobbled lanes of the neighbourhood it was hard not to notice that you can literally step out of one pub and straight into the next one without as much as hitting the pavement in between. Lively markets and boutiques fill the cobbled lanes and alleys of the Temple Bar quarter with life during the day. At night, the area turns into a heaving throng of pleasure seekers crowding the pubs that host live folk music, or strengthening themselves at one of Temple Bar’s many eateries.

To skip the crowds we bought some take away and sat next to the Liffey enjoying the atmosphere of this district.

The famous Temple bar district of Dublin

The Oliver St. John Gogarty hostel is situated in the heart of Dublin’s cultural quarter, Temple Bar.

Temple Bar district is definitely a cultural melting pot with an Irish flavour at its heart.