Pubs of Ireland!!

Pubs of Ireland


In an Irish pub, patrons toast each other sláinte (pronounced “slaan-sha”) as they clink glasses of Guinness. Derived from the Old Irish adjective slán (which means “safe“), sláinte literally translates as “health” and is used as a stand-in for the more time-consuming “I drink to your health!”

Just some of the beautiful pubs we passed while driving the Wild Atlantic Route of Ireland.


  1. So many great looking pubs I’m beginning to think the Irish (of which I’m one) like a week drink or two. Only one thing, in the area I come from, a glass of Guinness would never be clinked with another. I don’t know why, but I was brought up to believe that you never clinked a Guinness.

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    • I do believe that the Irish do like a drink or two as there were some small towns or villages with more pubs than stores in them. I guess the whole clinking of glasses differes from area to area…I have personally never seen anyone clink glasses of guinness together either.


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