Timbavati Private Game Reserve

Portrait of a lioness

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca

Published as part of Wordless Wednesday


  1. Beautiful! We just got back from a safari tour in Tanzania, where we saw many lions. I am particularly partial to big cats! I didn’t know lions hunted in groups, but found out that when they mature, male lions leave the pride and often hang out with their “brothers” – male littermates, sharing the control of territory. We saw several such adult groups – groups of males and groups of females, sometimes with cubs. The male and female only get together when she is in heat and stay together for about 4 days. Our guide (a lion expert) said they mate up to 16 times a day, or every 15-30 minutes! Someone in our group made a crack about having a sex life like that!! Thanks for your post!

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    • You learn quite a lot about these beautiful animals when on safari. We were lucky enough to come across two lions mating. Although they mate quite often during a day, it onlys lasts a couple of seconds. Not the most exciting sex life if you ask me.


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