Shindzela tented safari lodge

The pride just chilling in the dry river bed

Lions are known as the king of the jungle. Something that doesn’t really make sense as there are no lions in a jungle. The thing that really scares me is that lions can reach speeds of up to 81 kph in short bursts. This was not a very soothing thought as we were surrounded by a pack of lions while on our safari.

We drove down into this riverbed following a lion or two and suddenly the whole pack came walking up the dry riverbed. The watched us a bit and then kept us in sight as they passed and surrounded us. One of the young lions even charged us a bit and looked like he wanted to leap up on to the vehicle.

I was amazed that the guide, which happened to be my younger brother, was still calmly taking photos and just enjoying this sight. It was amazing being this close to them but at the same time very very scary and I just wanted us to please back up and away before we got eaten. I didn’t know if I should be on the lookout or taking photos….and it felt like they were all watching us, just biding their time before they charged.

Two of the lions were fooling around, chasing each other and you could see the power in those paws as they swiped at each other. I didn’t even realise I was holding my breath until we were backed out of the dry river bed and at a safe distance from these majestic creatures again.