Timbavati Private Game Reserve

Elephant herd crossing the road and the big male takes notice of us

Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth and quite a sight to see close up. While on our safari at Shindzela, in the Timbavati Game reserve we got very close to these majestic creatures. Not only did we have a young bull elephant challenge us we also got to observe two elephants fighting.

As the herd of elephants crossed the road in front of us one of them decided to take a closer inspection and looked like he was going to charge us. Luckily, after a brief inspection he moved on.

As the huge angry elephant walked off our attention turned to two young males who decided to fight right next to us! This was exciting and quite scary all at the same time.

Fights take place when a male challenges the male guarding the female. Before a fight the elephants often kick up a lot of dust, which we missed. But we got to see them charge each other, bump heads and try and get at each other with their tusks. They looked like two young bulls who might have been play-fighting or really fighting for some reason or another, but not necessarily over a female.

The battles are often over in a minute after one bull, usually the oldest, has asserted itself as the strongest and most powerful. Some of the fights last several hours if the bulls are more evenly matched. This looked like two young males were equally matched but they did not continue for too long.

They lifted their heads up high and attacked. Two mighty heads collided, tusks met and they mainly used their trunks to try and dominate the each other. They would retreat and after a brief moment attack again, trying to overpower each other.

This continued for a while but as soon as they realized that the herd was moving on and nearly gone, they stopped and followed the rest of their family.

This was one of the most exciting moment of our safari!!