Cango Wildlife Ranch

WPC: Cheecky tortoises

The challenge Cheecky brought to mind my visit to the Cango Wildlife Ranch and the very horny tortoises I saw there Tortoises reach sexual maturity between the ages of 12 and 20 and usually mate from spring to fall, mostly during the summer. 

Cango Wildlife Ranch
I heard it is very rare to actually get to see tortoises mating, I count myself quite lucky!!

Male tortoises have glands that release secretions that can potentially attract a mate. Males also bob their head and make grunting or hissing sounds that coincide with courtship. A male will also bite at a female’s legs before mating, and if a female accepts the mate, she will allow him to mount her. I got to hear these small grunts emitted by the male tortoise while mating.

 I felt quite lucky to actually get to see this happening! Although it did feel like I was imposing on this very sensual moment…watching some animal porn.


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