Gaudi’s impressive Park Guell

Gaudi’s impressive Park Guell

Park Güell, located in Barcelona and designed by famous architect Antonio Gaudi, is one of the most impressive public parks in the world. It is one of the most important sights in Barcelona and one of Gaudi’s masterpieces. It was an extremely hot day in Barcelona when my friend and I got to explore this park. We only had a couple of days in Barcelona so couldn’t spend as much time as I wanted here.

Gaudi planned and directed the construction of the park from 1900 to 1914 but, like a lot of his projects, he never finished it. The park became city property in 1923 although never fully completed, and still remains one of Gaudi’s most colourful and playful works.

Past the entrance I found Gaudí’s multicoloured mosaic salamander, popularly known as “el drac” (the dragon). I had to resist the urge to actually climb onto this salamander, and settle for just touching it.

It was amazing to see how he had shaped nature into colonnades, archways and covered galleries with well-camouflaged artificial structures. It’s a playground for the mind with columns that simulate palm-tree trunks and arches that grow out of the ground, and surfaces covered in quilts of ceramic tiles. I agree that this park is one of his masterpieces, being a colourful, quiet and calm place that brought peace and inspiration by just being there.

It’s surrounded by a long bench in the form of a sea serpent, the back of which forms a balustrade, its entire surface encrusted with ceramic shards of all colours, some randomly arranged, some in patterns.

The Laundry Room Portico, so named for the Laundress sculpted into one of the arched columns. This arcade, along with others around the park, provide covered footpaths and support the roads above. These covered footpaths were quite a blessing on a hot day like this.

The park is like something out of a fairy tale!


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