Blue Headed Lizard

He is looking so happy and cheeky!

Did You Know “Bloukop Koggelmander” is Afrikaans for Blue Headed lizard? Well here are a couple of more random facts.

Fact 1: The male Blue Headed Lizard lizards fight amongst themselves to gain supremacy over a territory, and only the winner gets to mate with the females in his group.

Fact 2: In Southern Africa these lizards live in small colonies on rocky outcrops, and the males are very conspicuous for their bright blue heads.

Fact 3: The dominant male displays bright coloring during the mating season, while the females appear dull and pale.

Blue Headed Lizard

Blue Headed Lizard is a “Bloukop Koggelmander” in Afrikaans

Fact 4: Their tongue tip is covered by mucous glands, which makes it sticky, and helps them hold on to smaller insects like ants and termites. They even leap in the air to catch their prey as they also eat caterpillars, moths, beetles, and flies.

Fact 5: Blue Headed Lizard have strong limbs. Their bodies are compact and spiny. The scales on the body are small and keeled, with those along the back larger and mixed with scattered, enlarged, spiny scales.

They are beautiful creatures and often spotted out and about on a sunny day.