Janaline bought a flat and is turning it into a home!

Janaline bought a flat and is turning it into a home!

I always though that buying a house was something I would do way in the future, when I am old and ready to settle. But the need for a place of my own, a little nest where I can relax, create and feel at home, came up sooner than that.

I had been moving around from country to country for the past decade, every time I would live in a new place with new people. This was always very exciting but I suddenly reached a point where I wanted my own place. A place I could decorate the way I wanted. A place to make cosy, a hideaway from the world where I could start my new art journey.

Janaline bought a flat and is turning it into a home!
My very first piece of furniture that I bought for my home!!

Buying my first home was one of the biggest emotional and financial steps that I have ever taken. I heard that when you buy a home, you should know you’re going to stay for a minimum of five to seven years. This alone was already a huge stresspoint for me as I haveΒ  never stayed in one place for more than a year or two at max.

I didn’t really have a specific place in mind of where we wanted to live. I searched all around Cape Towns and had to rule out certain areas as ‘no-go’ zones as if they were a contaminated area in an apocalyptic movie. Others became ‘would-love-to’ but ‘can’t-afford’ areas.

I found a lovely 2 bedroom flat about 8 minutes drive from the beautiful Bouberg beach. It is in a small security complex with a balcony overlooking a small park. As soon as I walked in I thought: “I could live here!”. So I knew I had to buy the place. I had a second look, but had actually made up my mind already that I wanted to live here.

I was physically sick after I signed the forms and paid the deposit for my own house. But after that I couldn’t wait to move in. The only thought that went through my head at that stage was:Β “This is MY PLACE and I could do whatever I wanted!!”

Before I had even unpacked my belongings, I had chosen what colours I wanted to paint my home. I spent my first couple of weeks in my place painting every wall, and even the kitchen cabinets.

I didn’t stop there, next, I bought some barstools for my Kitchen which I painted in bright colours to match the kitchen drawers.

I have realized that if there is something in my place that can be painted, it will be painted. My bookshelf has been painted twice now since I moved in, my chest and even my lamp has also changed colours.

Even my fridge did not escape as I painted it with black chalkboard paint! It is the best place to write down my shopping list or flat wish-lists on.

New homebuyers make mistakes when buying their first place, as I learnt the hard way. Within the first month I had to replace my geyser and my oven broke in month three but I am taking it all as part of being a homeowner.

I love having my own place and enjoy living here!



  1. I would probably feel the opposite way – nervous when I know I’d have to uproot and travel from country to country! So I think what you’re doing is really admirable πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy your new flat!

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    • Thank you so much! I am quite surprised but I am enjoying my place a lot. I love having my own place that I can make beautiful and where I can be creative. And also knowing that I wont have to pack up within a year is an amazing bonus.


  2. What a lovely new place. Congratulations! I spent 7 years of my life moving twice a year so I’ve always kept my belongings to a minimum. When I settled here in Sydney and had to buy furniture, it was so stressful! Forever tied down… but that was 5 years ago now and I’m still here and loving it. I guess people change πŸ™‚

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  3. Congratulations!!!! And great idea about painting the bar stools. I might buy some wooden ones for the new townhouse we’ve just rented and paint them to add colour. No wall painting for me though – it’s a rental and plus I’ve made some hideous colour choices when I did own my home haha πŸ˜‚.

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  4. CONGRATULATIONS …. You now have a place to call your own and you will LOVE it. ❀️
    I can understand your apprehension and fluttered nerves. It’s a big step. You’ll manage beautifully. πŸ’
    You’ve got the place sparkling with color and charm; just like you. 🏑
    Isadora 😎

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  5. How nice to have your own little nest. I remember well that sick feeling after you sign a contract like that. We were horrified by the amount we had to borrow to buy our first home, and of course now, many years down the track we look back and think about how small an amount of money it really was. Have fun continuing to make your mark on your new place.

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