War Memorial Museum in Seoul

Glimpse of War and South Korea

The history of Korea is filled with wars. Korea has suffered from many attacks by Mongolians, Chinese and Japanese, but has always survived. The War Memorial Museum in Seoul gave me a glimpse of the turbulent history that Koreans have been through.

There were some very interesting information inside and the military tanks and planes outside were quite stunning to see and have a closer look at. I have visited war memorial museums in different countries and each time it leaves me saddened at the horrors that we as humans do to each other.

As the sun was setting we drove up to the North Seoul tower on Namsan Mountain. We went up the mountain by cable car with spectacular views of the whole city as the sun set. From the Seoul Tower you get a spectacular view over the city from 370 meters above sea level. The 218-meter high tower is built on the peak of the Namsan Mountain located in the heart of Seoul.

That evening I booked into a love motel, as it was the cheapest I could find that evening and I didn’t have the energy to look for a hostel. All I wanted was a warm place to sleep before catching the bus the next morning.


  1. Not many tourists go to war memorial. We managed to visit it last year, after a day of walking around the city, and found the museum too bog to complete in one go. It does give a good insight into Korean history. I’m glad you could do the N Seoul tower. The views are fantastic! 🙂

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