Sometimes a place or a building makes a big impact on you and lingers in your thoughts long afterwards. The Domica Cathedral and my experiences inside a couple of years ago is still with me even today.

The Cathedral is a  grand structure surrounded by narow alley ways.  The church is very impressive and looms over the alley that leads around the building. There were no clear markers to where you could find the entrance and it is built like a fortress.

Once inside my eyes were drawn to the painted ceiling, decorated walls and even the floor. All of these colourful surfaces formed a stark contrast with the bleak outside of the building. The floor is decorated with the symbols of the Zodiac, names of Prophets, and a verse from Proverbs (8, 23-25) written on its circumference. The Cathedral was quiet and warm inside with the faint smell of insence everywhere.

Walking down a spiral staircases down to the crypt under the church I heard sof voices rising from below. In the center of the crypt is a sculpture of Mary’s deathbed, made of ivory and cherry wood. On the ceiling of the crypt above Mary is a beautiful painting of Jesus surrounded by famous Biblical women figures: Eve, Esther, Ruth, Yael, Judith and Mary sister of Moses, all here to honor Mary. 

Domica Cathedral

Inside the Domica Cathedral. The only photo I took as I didnt want to intrude on people while praying

People were nlighting up candles before the sculpture and a priest was conducted a service or reciting scripture. Although I could not understand a word he was saying I sat down to listen and to embrace the peaceful atmosphere. Sitting here amidst all these people praying I closed my eyes and for the first time in a while said a prayer of my own.

Without knowing why ears sprung to eyes and I will always remember how peaceful and loved I felt at that moment. I bought myself a beautiful rosary before I left the Cathedral and every now and again when I need reassurance I will hold the rosary while saying silent prayer.

This was a first for me. Has a place or building ever affected you in such a way?

This beautiful gate is just opposite the Domica Cathedral

This beautiful gate is just opposite the Domica Cathedral