Morning Cape Town

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning Cape Town

Morning Cape Town
The starting point of my beach morning walk with Table Mountain in the distance

I don’t have any specific “typical morning” as each day my schedule differs. I try to incorporate a walk into my mornings either through the suburbs surrounding my little flat or along the beach.

Morning Cape Town
Looking at Table view suburb early morning

Earlier this year I bought my own and first flat and it is only 8 minutes drive from the beautiful Blouberg beach of Cape town, South-Africa. These morning walks serve three purposes. Getting some fresh air, exercise and getting me to leave the house as I work from home. But I have found that my walks along the beach are very rewarding. Not only do I feel refreshed, the sound of the ocean and the waves breaking on the rocks have a very calming effect on my soul.

It doesn’t matter how hard my day or week has been, what I have been worried or stressed about, after a walk along the beach I feel like I can take on the world again. As I  listen to the waves, letting the sound become all I hear, it washes my stress away even if there are a couple of seagulls screeching nearby.

Morning Cape Town
Seagulls screeching nearby

With the view of Table Mountain and Cape Town in the distance as I head back I feel recharged and ready for what ever the day brings.

Morning Cape Town
Such a beautiful sight to start the day with

How do you recharge your batteries?


  1. My first sight of Table Mountain was a gorgeous water colour my Pop painted many years ago – one day I will see it for real! Great post – the ocean is my go-to calming, centring place… and the odd dolphin or whale always helps 😉


  2. Our luck to live under the spell of the mountain and sea. What a place this is, though I live right at the bottom end of the mountain chain where the wind resides. Cycling through Cape Point reserve does it for me in the mornings. Heady stuff – either serene or wild and woolly. Sometimes the air as crisp as dry champagne or charging through on white horses and racing clouds ☺️

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