The cobbled streets of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is an amazing city filled with great people and extraordinary places to see. You can pick any street to wonder down and you will be surrounded by the most amazing architecture ever. Millions and millions of feet have walked across these same cobbled streets. Some in search of adventure and others on a pilgrimage through this historical city.

Early in the mornings the streets are quite deserted and you get to feel quite alone as you wonder through the city.  These are photos of some of the alleyways and lanes that I wondered through on my way from New Gate down to Zion’s Gate on the other sde of the Old city. After exciting through Zion’s Gate you nearly walk into  David’s Tomb and the room of the Last Supper.

King David’s Tomb is a site traditionally viewed as the burial place of David the King of Israel. It is located in a ground floor corner of the remains of the former Hagia Zion, a Byzantine church.

The Last Supper Room is arectangular room with gothic style pillars and a vaulted ceiling. This is said to be the room where Jesus and his deciples had their last supper together although it looks more like a small chapel to me.


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