Moscow is a city that draws in flocks of visitors each year with its culture, its history, and its beauty. The best of Moscow‘s beauty can be seen in the stunning churches and graceful cathedrals that are dotted among modern skyscrapers and apartment blocks in the city’s iconic skyline. There are so many different churches in Moscow that you could visit one each day and not have seen them all within 3 years. Walking along the  Moskva River there are a couple of monasteries, nunneries and churches that were part of the cities outer defenses.

The architecture of these religious buildings exhibits a variety of styles: from traditional Russian, to lavish Italian Renaissance, to Moscow’s own take on Baroque.

Some of these structures date back to 1645 and sadly is in chronic need of restoration. But they are still beautiful, each with its own charm. Even though they are in need of repair, most of these buildings are still being used, and are slowly being restored to their former glory.