Cape Town is definitely one of the most beautiful cities you will find in South Africa. Not only is amazingly beautiful city but it also has beautiful people and amazing possibilities.

Every year thousands of people come to Cape Town to enjoy its beautiful beaches which always look so pristine. You would think that it is all part of the natural beauty of the area but unfortunately there is pollution and waste found everywhere. I live about 8 minites drive from Blouberg Beach and try to go and walk along the beach at least a couple of times during the week. During my afternoon walks the white beach stretches out in front of me for miles.


But early morning as I walk along the beach the place is filled with bottles, plastic bags and seaweed, all washed up during the night. Luckily there are people dedicated to cleaning up what must be one of the most beautiful and famous stretches of beach in the world. Overlooking Cape Town, Table Mountain and Robben Island Blouberg beach is definitely amazingly beautiful. They even clean up all the seaweed that had washed ashore during the night.

Debating and worrying about where the litter comes from, as important as this is, is not what these people are about. Yes, creating awareness and educating people about the importance of not littering is hugely important, but they hope that by their actions, people will start realising how vitally important it is for us to keep our beaches and city clean.

Keeping our beaches clean.

One of the amazing beach cleaners

Hundreds of pieces of plastic and broken pieces of glass are hazardous for kids and dogs walking on the beach. If it weren’t for these people, much of the waste will go back in the ocean, chocking marine life.


Keeping our beaches clean.

Busy keeping Blouberg beach beautiful

I have come across people out for a walk along the beach carrying black bags and as they stroll they pick up the litter they come across. Most of these people live in the area and do this to help keep our beaches beautiful and clean.

Just think, if we could create a culture where every time someone goes to the beach for a walk they pick up three pieces of litter and throw it in a bin, people will start taking responsibility for their actions. Imagine 1 000 people a day picking up three pieces of litter….

Keeping our beaches clean.

Blouberg Beach, all clean and litter free for the day