Snowball fight in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Im in Paris while it is snowing!

Paris in the winter sounds so romantic! It is beautiful but oh so cold! It was the start of winter and one of the first snow days that we arrived in Paris. The Eiffel tower was closed to tourists but the snow fascinated us just as much as it never snows in South-Africa where we are from. We felt like kids as we got to have our very first snowball fight, right in front of one of the world’s most iconic monuments. It was amazing! The only downside being that by the time we were done, we were freezing as we were definitely not dressed warm enough for the cold weather.Β 

Did you know:

  • The Eiffel Tower was originally built as the entrance arch for the World’s Fair in 1889.
  • It is named after Gustave Eiffel, whose company was in charge of the project.
  • The Eiffel Tower is 320 metres (1050 feet) in height and was the tallest man made structure in the world for 41 years before being surpassed by the Chrysler Building in New York.
  • The Eiffel Tower is made of iron and weighs around 10000 tonnes.
  • Around 50 tonnes of paint are added to the Eiffel Tower every 7 years to protect it from rust.
  • Despite its height, the Eiffel Tower was designed to be wind resistant, swaying only a few inches in the wind. It actually moves further when the iron on the sun facing side heats and expands, moving the top up to 7 inches (18 centimetres) away from the sun.
  • Temperature also alters the height of the Eiffel Tower by up to 6 inches (15 centimetres).
  • Millions of people climb the Eiffel Tower every year and it has had over 250 million visitors since its opening.

Have you been to Paris in the winter? If so, what did you do?