My first visit to Paris!

Me in Paris, France!!

My very first visit to Paris, France was in 2004. My friend Rene and I had been planning our weekend away for weeks and I could not wait for our Paris adventure. Unfortunately I got the mumps that week, but the doctor assured me that by Friday it would not be contagious anymore. Not going to let a bit of a headache, fever or swollen face stop me we were off to Paris.

I couldn’t really move my head or eat anything, and was dosed up on pain meds most of the time, but other than that I had a fabulous time exploring Paris! But from the look of my photos I didn’t take that many, and the photos that I did take were not all in focus. I blame this all on the pain meds though.

We stayed in a small hostel in the Montmartre district and had a couple of very steep steps to climb up every morning and evening. We got to start our day with coffee and strawberries on the steps of the Montmartre. We took a boat ride through Paris from where we had some of the most beautiful views of the city before visiting the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral.

We did walk down the Champs-Elysees where we had a glass of wine before going up the Arc de Triomphe. and calling it a day. The next morning we got to visit the Louvre  museum for a couple of hours before heading to the Eiffel tower. I got a couple of shots of the Eiffel tower in focus before we made our way up to the top and one semi blurry photo from the top that I could use.

Although I did not do a great job of capturing this weekend on photos it was a fabulous weekend. And luckily it was not my last visit to Paris.