A couple of years ago I got to travel through Turkey and was fascinated by all the beautiful mosques of Istanbul. I went on a mosque hunt through the city and got to see some amazing mosques. The Süleymaniye Mosque is the largest mosque in Istanbul, and definitely one of the best-known sights of Istanbul. I got there late the afternoon and by the time I got outside it was too dark to take any photos of its exterior. I hope that I will be able to come back someday and photograph the beautiful outside as well.

Istanbul's tranquil Süleymaniye Mosque

Me inside the mosque

I had to cover my head and shoulders upon entering the mosque, and luckily there wasn’t a service on so I could take some photos inside. I always feel awkward taking photos inside churches and mosques and always refrain from doing so if there are people praying, as a show of respect. I feel that I would not like if of people took photos of me praying, so try and return the favour.

This beautiful mosque, built in 1558, blended Islamic and Byzantine architectural elements.. The main dome is 53 meters high and has a diameter of 27.25 meters. I just loved the huge chandelier of the Süleymaniye Mosque that was nearly as wide as this beautiful dome. The blue and white tiles along with the chandeliers create a very tranquil atmosphere in which I would love to spend some time. 

Istanbul's tranquil Süleymaniye Mosque

The beautiful Chandelier!

At the time it was built, the dome was the highest in the Ottoman Empire, when measured from sea level, but still lower from its base and smaller in diameter than that of Hagia Sophia. I got to visit both mosque’s and still cant decide which one I like the most.

Which one would you choose, Hagia Sophia or Süleymaniye?