Butterfly world Tropical Garden in the Cape Winelands, South-Africa has more than just butterflies, it is divided into different sections which incorporates unique animal exhibits. Each housing either beautiful or creepy tropical animals.

  1. The Interactive section: This section has a huge variety of Tropical parrots. As I was photographing them some looked as if they were posing and quite interested in the camera pointed at them.

There are quite a few marmoset monkeys all over the Interactive section. They are highly active and were either socialising or feeding on the various fruit and leaves found all over. Marmosets live in family groups of three to 15, and are characterized by a high degree of cooperative care of the young and some food sharing and tolerated theft.

There is also a little blue duiker, but it is quite skittish and I didn’t even get a glimpse of it.

  1. The Reptile Bay:A new wing to the tropical garden, this is where Madagascan chameleons and lizards, tortoises, Australian skinks and bearded dragons and a couple of noisy parrots are housed.
  1. Indoor Aviary:This is a free flight room for all parakeets.
  1. Spider/Aquatic Room: Here you will find creepy tarantula’s and tropical fish displays. Displays of indigenous and exotic spiders and scorpions that are housed in locked glass terrariums.It is quite scary and exciting to get to see these exotic spiders and scary scorpions up close!

My favourite being the tiny turtles!

5. Outdoor section: The beautiful outdoor garden hosts a lapa for children’s activities, a meerkat enclosure and lots of free range ducks and chickens, waiting for children to feed them with packets of seeds and fodder bought from the gift shop. I was quite lucky to get to see two of these huge tortoises in “action”.