The Cape Region in South-Africa never stops to amaze me with all it has to offer. On our way to one of the many great wine farms for an afternoon of wine tasting we first stopped at the Butterfly World Tropical Garden. It is one of the many unique attractions the Western Cape Winelands has to offer and consists of a tropical garden in a 1000  square meter green house.


From the moment you walk through the Tropical Garden door you are surrounded by hundreds of  exotic butterflies and other tropical creatures. There is a different colourful butterfly around each corner and I am sure it would take a couple of days to photograph them all. I don’t know what kinds of butterflies there are but they are beautiful.


Butterflies are, apart from high temperature and humidity levels, also dependent on the amount of sunlight present. Some days which are overcast and cold may prevent the butterflies from being as active as on a sunny day.  We were here on a particularly hot and sunny day so the butterflies were very active and it was quite difficult at times to get a photo of them sitting still.


There is even a breeding part where we got to watch as some of these beautiful butterflies crawled out of their cocoons and came into the world. Butterfly World Tropical Garden imports 300 butterfly pupae per week all year round. All different tropical species. I would have loved to watch for a while longer but it is quite humid inside these gardens and after a while the sweat was dripping down me and I just wanted a cool breeze and loads of ice water.


To get away from the humidity I would recommend investigating the other interesting animal displays in less humid rooms.