DALeast landed on this planet in 1984 in China, he then decided to live as an artist in this life.

Side street art studios in Woodstock

The courtyard where the artists chill
The courtyard where the artists chill

Woodstock in Cape Town, South-Africa is filled with so many places to see and stuff to do that you can visit a different place everytime you go there. You should however take some time to visit Side Street Studios. Not only is this the place where artist create but the court yard is a work of art. here you can find murals by Augustine Kofie (USA), Andrzej Urbanski (Germany now Cape Town) and DALeast (China now Cape Town).

Located in the side streets of Woodstock and used as an engineering workshop in the turn of the last century this building has been re-designed around the need of the creative community. It is now a home for ten creative studios. With high metal ceilings, entrance foyer and big bay windows each studio has it is own unique features.

It forms part of the city’s unofficial centre of art and design in the Woodstock area. Artists from around South Africa and abroad are invited to live at Side Street Studios and be surrounded by innovative and creative spaces to inspire the best work they can produce. 

Side Street Studios provide surroundings that are playful, intelligent and inspiring. They thrive on the collaborations and connections that are formed within this network of buildings. These studios are not “rooms for rent”, they are a context for ideas…


The artists living here often decorate random walls and some very famous street artists have passed through here and left some beautiful pieces of work in the courtyard.

There is also a coffee shop and a book store selling books about street art and some prints but is not open all the time. Elad, the owner of the Side Street Studios, is also putting up his private collection of paintings from street art artists on display soon so I will be on the lookout for that.

The courtyard where the artists chill
This piece is in the courtyard of Side Street Studios


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