28-year-old NardStar is an up and coming female street artists in Cape Town, and arguably one of the best in South Africa at the moment. In this male dominated industry – where very few females “make it” or even get involved – Nard has chucked every single stereotype and misconception about female street artists out the door. She’s known for her signature bright, bold colour schemes, and mainly painting animals. She has painted from Cape Town to New York. Nard was also featured in Huffington Post’s 2014 article, ‘25 Women Pushing Street Art Limits Around the World,’ and in January 2016 she was listed by Okayafrica as one of nine female artists in South Africa to watch out for.

Nard is from Rondebosch, Cape Town and started graffiti at the age of 18. Nard has always had an avid interest in art even though she did not take any art lessons at school. She studied Graphic Design at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, which she feels has some kind of influence over her work. Her distinct work now graces walls in galleries and walls in communities from Cape Town and Johannesburg to New York and Connecticut in the United States. 

Nard is a graffiti artist/street artist/mural artist who also does customising, gallery art and vector art. She likes to change it up and do what ever strikes her mood! She says that she meets the coolest people, interact with the strangest people on the street and sees the strangest things on the streets. Painting has given Nard the opportunity to travel.

This is a quote from her website ” As an artist who aims to be globally recognized, Nard’s work touches diverse surfaces. Nard custom designs graphics for skateboards, skimboards, t-shirts, sneakers and helmets, as well as painting canvases and designing prints.” 

When Nard started painting she just wanted to paint letters and nothing else.  Eventually she got convinced to try out painting animals and then she was on a mission to paint as many different animals as she could. Now she paints people and animals tagging all her work with ” The Time is Now”.

 My favourite is this wolf by Nardstar. It portrays a transformation from animal to human. If you look carefully into the picture, you’ll see a human face that’s part of the image. It makes you realize what is actually happening with the environment.