As we walked down Frere Street in Woodstock, Cape Town during my street art tour we came across these beautiful Blue Crane and  Giraffe pieces. These animals are indigenous to Africa and the Blue crane is actually the national bird of South Africa. The giraffe is done by Mak1One, who is portraying the saving of these giraffes. There are only about 2500 left worldwide. Its sad that people still hunt these beautiful creatures.

The Blue Crane is the South African national bird. Mak1One is trying to give people the knowledge and awareness of what’s happening to these beautiful birds in our land through this piece of art.

Mak1One was born and raised in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town and discovered the expressive medium of graffiti art in the late 1980’s. It empowered hin to express who he was and what I was thinking. Mak1One harnesses the power of graffiti art to inform and challenge in much of mhis work to bring social, educational and uplifting messages to those living in areas plagued by poverty and social injustice who often have limited access to information.