"Freedom Day" by Street artist Freddy Sam

“Freedom Day” by Street artist Freddy Sam

This piece of work is on a wall in a huge open parking lot of Woodstock here in Cape Town, South-Africa. Weekends this parking lot is used by farious artists selling their goods, especially furniture.

"Freedom Day" by Street artist Freddy Sam

Freedom Day, as the people of South Africa marched through the streets of Cape Town

This piece is a black and white mural of people protesting. This piece was done by Freddy Sam, a Cape Town-based mural artist whose work focuses on social issues. This piece is called “Freedom Day”  and was painted in commemoration of 20 years of democracy in South Africa.

He portrayed the time when the youth of South Africa were standing up, saying that we have equal rights. It shows what was happening here in Cape Town at the time. These people were part and parcel of the struggle for the freedom of our people in South Africa.