I get to walk through the city centre most days as I live a short 30 minute walk from my work. Even though I try and vary my route, I often walk through the most colourful landmark of Cape Town, the Adderley Street Flower Market. It is right in the heart of Cape Town and “colourful” in every sense! This market has everything from sweet scents and bright colours to wonderful sounds. Freshly cut flowers are stocked here from early morning to late evening.

Adderley Street Flower Market

So many beautiful colours!

The flower sellers at this market, typically of Malay origin, are always friendly and never miss an opportunity to try and coax you into buying their wares. The market is filled with laughter and  this boisterous bunch is especially appreciated if you understand Afrikaans, as a lot of their witty comments are in this language. But dont worry, they are just as fluent in English.  They have never failed to convince to buy a bunch of flowers when I happen to walk through the market on the way home.

Flowers have been sold from this city site for over 100 years and the Adderley Street market offers not only great variety, but great value too. These flowers are much cheaper than you’d find in any shop and they do last a long time.

Adderley Street Flower Market

Fresh cut flowers and freshly made bouquets

Most of the time I pick and choose from all the offerings to create my own floral arrangement otherwise I just ask one of the sellers to put together a creation for me. All you have to do is give him or her your budget and they will do the rest, and with a smile to melt even the coldest hearts.

Adderley Street Flower Market

Buying a bunch of flowers to cheer up my place

Perfect as a gift or to brighten up any room and day. Who doesnt like to wake up to the smell of fresh flowers in the morning?