Barbed Wire Defence

Barbed Wire Defence

Between the old and beautiful buildings of South-Africa there is also spikes and barbed wire, intended to keep safe despite its ugliness. It does look like some places go to extremes for safety but I guess it is necessary in some cases. In the military science of fortification, wire obstacles are defensive obstacles made from barbed wire, barbed tape or concertina wire. They are designed to disrupt, delay and generally slow down an attacking enemy.

To think that the use of barbed wire was intended in war situations and is now being used to protect houses or alleyways. Barbed wire is undeniably an invention that has changed property and ranching, prisons and concentration camps, and defence and snares.

Barbed wire is so ugly, I wish they could invent something “prettier” to don the gates and walls of properties.



  1. I can’t imagine having to live in a community full of ugly barbed wire. I saw it in JoBurg in the nice suburbs and thought it was awful to have to live in fear or perceived fear. Kind of like the all white hated communities here in the States. A sad reality.

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  2. And I complained when my neighbors in the Philippines have razor barb wires on top of their fence. Didn’t realize you guys do them too in your country. A reflection of the world we live in.

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