Eyes on Long street

Eyes on Long street

Eyes on Long street
Eyes on Long street

I have noticed that there are quite a few mosaic benches and seats popping up all over Cape Town lately. It seems that Cape Town is really doing South-Africa proud as the Design Capital of the year and I love seeing all these new changes to this great city. I read that they are adding these mosaic pieces as part of a huge project to make Cape Town “beautiful and safe”.

The mosaic’s are mostly the work of artist Lovell Friedman. This beautiful piece I found at the top of Long Street as I started my stroll along this historic street.

Long Street, Cape Town, South-Africa
The beautiful buildings of Long Street, Cape Town, South-Africa

London has her SoHo, New Orleans has her French Quarter, while Cape Town has her irrepressible Long Street, the ideal place to spend a couple of hours on a weekend. This street is filled with coffee shops and restaurants in beautiful 19th century Victorian buildings.

Long Street, Cape Town, South-Africa
These buildings are so beautiful

These buildings have been beautifully restored and are now housing antique shops, clothing boutiques, book shops, pavements cafes and even backpackers’ lodges. That’s because a number of preservation societies, heritage groups and architects constantly protect these structures from the wrecking ball. In fact, many of the buildings have been restored over the years.

As I explore Cape Town I do look like a real tourist taking photos of every building or piece of street art that I pass by. Those wrought-iron balcony’s lining the street look like the perfect place to sit with a cup of coffee and watch Cape Town go by. I enjoy walking through the streets of Cape Town and come across something new each time I go on one of my little adventures.


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