Wine tasting at Babylonstoren

Wine tasting at Babylonstoren

Wine tasting at Babylonstoren
I couldnt wait for out Wine tasting adventure at Babylonstoren

One of the biggest perks about living in the heart of the wine lands is that I can go for winetastings in some of the most beautiful places. I am a big fan of taking day trips out into the country to explore a place I have never been before. I think of them as mini holidays! Most of the time I go on these “adventures” on my own and hardly ever get a photo with me in it.

This time round my first official winetasting experience since I moved to Cape Town was at Babylonstoren wine farm with two of my “cousins”. Babylonstoren Farm is a 17th century fruit farm located between Paarl and Franschoek on the slopes of the Simonsberg Mountain. The entrance fee of R10 per person was paid and we headed off to explore the magnificent garden before a very relaxing winetasting. We started out early and got to the farm before 10 knowing that we wouldnt want to be walking around in the heat of the day. Well that is what I thought but even at 10am it was already 30 degrees celsuis and believe me I was suffereing. I havent adjusted from the cold of Russia to the heat of South-Africa yet and by mid-day I usually feel like I am either melting or just cooking alive!

The area outside of the wine tasting room has a lovely typical Cape farm feeling and we enjoyed watching the ducks, turkeys and chickens roaming around the yard. My first thought was that this must be “heaven” for little kids. I am sure they end up running after the little chicks and try to catch the chickens. Well I definitely would have.

Winetasting outside!!
Winetasting outside!! These are my two “cousins”.

The tasting centre is housed in the original smithery and stable on the farm with flooring which looks weathered and as if it has been there for ever. The winetasting area is very tastefully decorated while still retaining it’s rustic appeal. The walls are part raw brick and part plastered and painted. I really love this “half-finished” look. There is a small wooden table with a bench on one side but otherwise the wine tasting happend outside in the shade of the trees.  We got to sit outside under the acorn trees with chickens and turkeys roaming the yard around us. I dont know what they do on rainy days but on a sunny day like we had sitting outside was fabulous! Felt more like a wine outing than a wine tasting in the usual wine tasting room.


Mere metres away from the Babylonstoren farm shop and where we sat enjoying our wine, an old farm shed serves as night time accommodation to the chickens and turkeys. Here is also the home of a rather large flock of pigeons who find some shut eye in the roof above the chickens and turkeys. Every couple of days, their nutrient rich droppings are scraped out and reintegrated into the farm. and its beautiful gardens. This way everything on the farm has a purpose and help maintain it.

The Babylonstoren logo, which consists of the pipe, representing the farm, the flower, representing the garden and the bird, representing nature, combines the very essence of Babylonstoren and that is keeping things simple and as true to the earth as possible. I think their wineglasses with the logo are beautiful and I wouldnt mind owning one or even two. Next time I will have to come and visit after payday so that I can actually purchase some wine and a couple of glasses. Luckily mou “cousins” bought a couple of bottles of wine so the winetasting ended up being for free. 

What farm would you recommend for my next wine adventure?


  1. Love the combination of brick, wood and glass in the wine tasting room! Very rustic feel to it, I love that style:) In 30C I would definately have to find a spot in the shade to enjoy the wine:) Before I moved to Canada I had no idea they produced wine – but after visiting the Okanagan Lake area I’ve found some good Canadian vineyards as well:) They tend to have interesting names like ‘Dirty Laundry’ for example:)

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  2. I really envy you! I love Joburg but its the winelands of the Cape that have my soul! Everytime i am in CT, i try and visit a few vineyards – they are ALL so lovely. The wine, the food and the views. Your post makes me yearn 🙂

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