Hout Bay Harbour

Cape Peninsula’s Fishing Village

Hout Bay Harbour
Misty Hout Bay Harbour

The Hout Bay Harbour is the main attraction in Hout Bay the Cape Peninsula’s Fishing Village.  This harbour is one of the busiest harbours in the Western Cape with a thriving tuna, snoek and crayfish industry. Hout Bay was named by the Dutch explorers who “found” the wooded valley and the name literally means “wood bay”. The timber was actually used to help build Cape Town. 

Hout Bay Harbour
What an eerie sight

 It is a beautiful drive from Cape Town to Hout bay all along the coast. On this visit to this colourful Fishing village the area was covered in a thick white mist. Hout Bay is surrounded by mountains to the north, east and west and the southern Atlantic Ocean to the south.

Hout Bay Harbour
What a beautiful place to spend the morning
Hout Bay Harbour
Looks like the start of a scary movie

When I arrived I found myself staring out to sea and the mist covered Hout Bay harbour.  The mist hung over the yachts and colourful fishing boats moored in this natural harbour. The mist hung so thick that I couldn’t even see the mountains surrounding this village.

Hout Bay Harbour
The fishing boats of Hout Bay Harbour

The lively Hout Bay fishing harbour is a working harbour for the tuna and crayfishing industries but also hosts many tourism activities including boat trips,diving & fishing. On this Sunday morning the harbour was basically deserted and my only company were the seagulls and seals swimming lazily around the harbour.

Hout Bay Harbour
Hout Bay Harbour

The harbour is filled with the colourful fishing vessels used by the locals and the perfect place to take pictures.  As a historic and still-working fishing village, Hout Bay’s local colour and beautiful scenery make it a popular tourist attraction among both local and international visitors. As I walked along the pier I got to see these vessels up close and now understand why  it is so popular.

Hout Bay Harbour
A look towards the mountains surrounding Hout Bay Harbour


  1. Oh, what a lovely, lovely place to spend your day. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures and your impressions of the village. So many places to visit in your blog. I’ll be sure to come back. 🙂

    Thank you for stopping by my blog (a few months ago, yes) :).

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