Mambo stone sculptures

Art in the Garden

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden
Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

The magnificent landscape of Kirstenbosch is also a perfect setting for art. The Sculpture Garden of the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden features a permanent but ever-changing outdoor exhibition of the wonderful Mambo stone sculptures in a beautiful garden setting.

Mambo stone sculptures
Working in Harmony with the garden the Mambo stone sculptures look so peaceful

Exhibiting your art with Table Mountain as its background must be amazing. Each sculpture is a unique original and it was a very special experience to see how the landscape and the sculptures interact and complement each other

Mambo stone sculptures
Some of the sculptures are quite comical

The Mambo stone sculptures follow the Shona tradition originating in Zimbabwe..  Here the artists express themselves, they are not copycats carving what they think tourists will buy, they are creating something they think is beautiful. These artists depict spiritual, traditional and contemporary themes as well as topical and social issues in their work.

Mambo stone sculptures
Mambo stone sculptures

The sculptures are engaged from the start as they select their own piece of stone. Its colour varies from black to brown or green, orange and variegated. The artist works together with the stone, believing that it has a spirit and life of its own and that they can feel the sculpture coming out of the stone. They use hammer and chisel and metal rasps, finishing with sandpaper for smoothing and polishing with wax polish. It can take a few weeks to a year to complete such a work.



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