Hagia Sophia, Turkeys’ Church-turned-Mosque

Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia
The Beautiful Hagia Sophia

Turkey is one of those countries which has changed identity and cultures so many times that it has turned into a unique country with a unique culture. Exploring this culture rich country has been one of my most amazing adventures.

Hagia Sophia
What a striking sight

The beautiful Hagia Sophia, Turkeys’ Church-turned-Mosque served as the principal mosque of Istanbul, then Constantinople, for almost 500 years.

Hagia Sophia
One of the most striking churches / mosques I have ever been in

If you ever get to visit Istanbul you have to make a point of exploring Hagia Sofia, one of the greatest surviving examples of Byzantine architecture in Turkey. It is one of those places you will have to visit more than once as it is so overwhelming that you cant take everything in during your first visit.

Hagia Sophia
Busy restoring the amazing Hagia Sophia

I have already posted about my visit to this amazing building but had a couple of Sepia Photos of the mosque I wanted to share with you all. The mosque looks like it is something from a fairytale when viewed in Sepia.

Although scaffolding cluttered a part of the interior the thrill of  experiencing the extraordinary spaciousness of this famous church-turned-mosque is hard to overstate.

Author: janaline's world journey

I am addicted to travelling and have been exploring the world for nearly two decades. Here I share my travel stories and pictures so that you can share in some of the amazing experiences I have along the way. When you travel you experience the culture and get to know the people of a country. Once you step out of your comfortzone you get to know the real country and experience it in a different way than ordinary tourists. My camera usually accompanies me everywhere I go so you can "see" and read about my journeys.

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