Oh the Places You Will Go with Travel Bingo

Janaline’s World Journey poses this challenge to all its readers: “Choose one place that you want to go, and pick a date in the next nine months to go there. Buy your plane tickets immediately.” This way, you’ll be committed to making the trip, and you can start planning the other elements of your trip, making arrangements for your lodging and transportation, and of course, planning the itinerary.

Oh the Places You Will Go with Travel Bingo


The itinerary often involves a lot of research, and sometimes, without hiring a local guide, it can be difficult to plot out your destinations and schedule. If you’re travelling with friends, however, Travel Bingo could be the answer to your problems. In itself, bingo may not seem like a game travellers would play. After all, for most of its life, the game has been confined to the derelict walls of bingo halls all over the world. New versions of the game, however, have allowed it to evolve and to travel as well. Rebel Bingo, a rather unorthodox kind of game, has been travelling all over the UK and the US, and Free Bingo Hunter reports that some online bingo portals have also supported travelling by giving away free trips to New York.

Free trips to new cities could also be at stake if you play Travel Bingo. It all depends on what you and your friends decide to wager. To play, come up with a list of 24 things you’d like to see or do at your destination. If you’re having trouble filling out your list, you can include food you’d like to try, or things you’d like to learn to do – maybe even people you’d like to speak to.

Once your list is complete, use any of the free bingo card generators online to make your Travel Bingo Card. Print-Bingo has a generator that’s fairly easy to use, and fully customisable. Just input the items on your list into a bingo card and print out one for each of your travel buddies. Next, settle on a prize for the winner – it could be anything from a free lunch, free drinks, or maybe even a free trip next year!

As soon as you arrive at your destination, split up and try to accomplish as many of the things on your card as you can, aiming to form a pattern that corresponds to traditional bingo. As you mark off each of the items, make sure you also secure a photograph of yourself accomplishing the task at hand! The first to complete a pattern wins the game.