For this week’s Photo Challenge, we had to stimulate the creative process and imagine which of our images we would like to see gracing the cover of a book, an album, or a magazine.

I would love to write a book about all my adventures through the world and all the “blonde” moments that have filled my journeys. I would definitely choose one of my own photos as the cover of this book but deciding on one photos is extremely difficult so maybe a collage of photos would be better. But there in lies the dilema that a collage might not be as striking as one very moving or striking photo.

Maybe you could help me choose between these two.

A single photo to represent Janaline’s world journey?

This photo that I took in Santiago, Chile is still one of my favourite, capturing street art, peaceful and interesting steet scene all in one while I am out exploring the city.

The Beautiful Streets of Santiago

The Beautiful Streets of Santiago

Or a collage for my world adventure?