Cape Town' s Bohemian Long street

A taste of Cape Town’ s Bohemian Long street

Cape Town' s Bohemian Long street
Cape Town’ s Bohemian Long street
Cape Town' s Bohemian Long street
I could spend hours in this place

Who wouldn’t like to stroll along a street filled with beautiful buildings, art and strange little stores? Luckily for me Cape Town actually has more than one street that fits this criteria and which is perfect for a morning stroll. One of these beautiful streets is Long Street, located in the City Bowl section of Cape Town, only a 10min walk from my little flat. It is famous as a bohemian hang out and the street is lined with many book stores, various ethnic restaurants and bars. Long Street attracts tourists from all over the world and is up to now one of my favourite streets in Cape Town.


Architecturally this street is noted for its Victorian buildings with their beautiful wrought iron balconies. But it is also known for the beautiful art that covers some of these buildings.

Chez Ntemba night club.
Chez Ntemba night club.

One of these very beautiful buildings is Chez Ntemba night club. There are actually Chez Ntembas all over the world and plays a fusion of African and modern music. I do like the beautiful mosaic statues and noticed that they are covered in tiny pieces of mirror. I wonder if they are lit up at night. I think I will definitely come by one evening to see and to listen to one of the live bands that often perform here.


 Mama Africa Restaurant.
Mama Africa Restaurant.

Another very ‘arty’ building is the Mama Africa Restaurant. I love the beautiful paintings that cover the whole restaurant and would love to see the inside. Unfortunately it was closed this Sunday morning so will have to come back another time to explore the inside and to try out their well known menu.

Mama Africa is a Pan-African treat, boasting a live Congolese band and as much meat from feathered, scaled and furry beasts as you can eat, all served with a side of samp and pap (mealie meal porridge). 

 Mama Africa Restaurant.
Such beautiful pieces of art

They say that Mama is a strange old soul whose ambition is to offer warm friendly hospitality in a totally relaxed way. She loves happiness, laughter and joy and the satisfaction that goes with a full belly.

Her advice is to leave all stress and pressure on the threshold, to appreciate her unique warmth and enjoy her vibe. If the decor of the building is anything to go by I think this should be a very enjoyable evening.

Cape Town Hostel!
Cape Town Hostel!

Even the Local Hostel is a piece of art!


  1. Another street that has changed, even since my last visit not that many years ago. My first memory of Long Street was spending New Year’s Eve on one of those balconies drinking Castle lager before catching the last train back to Muizenberg where I was staying in the youth hostel. Lovely photos!


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